Selectronic customises TFT displays

Selectronic supplies a range of screens for instrumentation, industrial grade and automotive TFT displays. Options available include full or semi-custom displays.

The UK company is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, with affordable customized TFT displays such as the 12.1-inch TFT display of 1024 x 768 resolution (a standard size), with a custom enhanced backlight and a bespoke projected capacitive (PCap_ touch screen with radiused corners (pictured). The extended front glass has reverse printed black border to provide a bezel-less fit into the customer’s housing.

The TFT and PCap are optically bonded together for optimum daylight legibility and enhanced ruggedness, explains the company. The company also produces the the black TFT data and backlight power cables to mate to the customer’s chosen computer board. The yellow and black cable is an industry standard, 12V DC power input cable.
Custom-made TFTs are more commonplace today, in cars, handheld devices and gadgets used in the home.

Selectronic managing director, Kevin Dry, said: “Manufacturers of equipment sold in more modest volumes have more options than ever, . . .Selectronic has access to the widest selection of TFT ‘glassware’, to enable it to produce customised modules for volumes as low as 1,000 pieces”.

TFT displays can be tailored to mechanically be a better fit for a casing allowing more freedom in the design. Touch screens or keypad buttons can be integrated to ensure easy assembly, a close-fit and the closest proximity in the case of buttons.

“FPC tails can be customised in length and pin-out to best-fit your circuit lay-out,” added Dry. “Often components can be added to the FPC to minimise connections to the driving circuit and power supply. Touch screen interfaces can be customised to mate the desired port and routed separately or integrated into the display interface as desired.”

For the TFT display itself, the LED backlight parameters can often be changed: brighter LEDs for an outdoor application or lower powered ones for battery powered equipment.

Touch screen choices can also be customised. The front-glass of the PCap touch screen can be tailored to become a feature of the front panel aesthetics, with reverse printing, rounded corners and a choice of thickness and glass material-type available, explained Dry. The other popular option, resistive touch screens, can be customised with reverse printed graphical overlays, tails can be extended and different thicknesses of glass used.

PCB assemblies with keypad buttons and indicator LEDs can be added, as well as silicone rubber keymats to fit around the display to complete the front-panel assembly.

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