Senseeker offers DROIC quarter wafers for prototyping and evaluation

Continuing its quest to make digital readout ICs an affordable alternative to legacy analogue products, Senseeker Engineering has announced it has reduced the barriers to entry to procure digital readout ICs (DROICs), selling quarter wafers of the Oxygen RD0092 DROIC. This reduces the minimum order quantity of ICs at lower cost for evaluation and prototyping.

Each fully tested quarter wafer is supplied with a minimum number of guaranteed good die and a full data pack which includes a GUI-based clickable wafer map. The map provides colour-coded grade information for each die along with a top-level summary (die yield, results of each individual test, and final grade). Clicking any die on the map displays a detailed test summary plot that contains test images, histograms for the test images, pixelwise differences (to reject bad pixels) with pass/fail thresholds indicated, bad pixel map image and a bar graph showing the measured supply currents in the screen test state.

An evaluation tool for the Oxygen RD0092 can be used for cooled or uncooled lab testing. The kit comes with software and is easily connected to a host PC with a frame grabber card for image display. The kit also includes a chip-on-board Oxygen RD0092 DROIC for uncooled evaluation and an adapter board that interfaces to a Dewar for cooled evaluation.

“We are focused on making it as inexpensive and easy as possible for customers to get up-and-running with Senseeker’s commercial readout products.” said Kenton Veeder, president at Senseeker Engineering. He went on to say that the company’s goal is to lower the barriers to entry for using DROICs and to make them available off the shelf in lower quantities than a full wafer, with an ecosystem of tools to expedite the development process.

Senseeker’s Oxygen RD0092 DROIC is suitable for focal plane array developers who want to shorten the development process, or for customers developing and evaluate hybrid photodetectors.

Senseeker Engineering is a US transducer IC semiconductor company that specialises in the design of digital imaging sensors and readout integrated circuits for hybrid infrared image sensing arrays. Senseeker supplies products and IP for infrared image sensing solutions.

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