Sensor node SoM advances IoT development in cities

IoT specialist, SensiEdge now offers the SensiSub system-on-module (SoM) starter kit, describing it as a board-level IoT sensor node. It joins the company’s Bluetooth-enabled SensiBLE IoT SoM, but delivers higher range and more reliable frequency bands to penetrate obstacles and reduce interference. The SoM is suitable for IoT applications in varied locations, including smart factory, smart home, smart grid and smart city deployments.

SensiSub is based on a low power Arm 32-bit Cortex-M4 CPU with FPU, and a range of serial interfaces (including SPI, I2C, UART, ADC, CAN, USB and GPIO). The SoM combines a Spirit1 low-power RF transceiver from ST Microelectronics, offering certified sub-1.0GHz connectivity (in three frequency versions: 433, 868 and 915MHz). A suite of customisable sensors includes a three-axis accelerometer, magnetometer and digital gyroscope, plus pressure, microphone, relative humidity, ambient light, temperature and UV sensors.

SensiSub’s hardware-ready configuration provides a complete, self-contained RF platform in a small form factor (20 x 30mm) that enables wireless connectivity without prior RF expertise. The SoM is therefore suitable for a range of applications that demand rich functionality, including smart metering, industrial lighting, and home and building automation, where it can capitalise on its long range, reduced interference and low power features of the sub-1.0GHz spectrum band.

The SensiSub IoT SoM is an industrial-grade customisable module for engineers looking to design IoT products without getting involved in either hardware development or production logistics. It allows developers to focus on their own applications, domain expertise and core competencies, rather than the underlying hardware platform or production logistics when creating products for the IoT.

SensiSub fits an array of coin battery-powered applications that require integration of multiple sensors with sub-1.0GHz connectivity, without compromising on cost and power consumption, says SensiEdge. It also shares the same small form factor as SensiBle, enabling customers to develop and build prototypes and proof-of-concepts using SensiBle, before transitioning to SensiSub for deployments requiring greater range.

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