Siemens expands Veloce for FPGA prototyping and verification

Offering hardware emulation and FPGA prototyping, Siemens Digital Industries Software’s latest edition of its Veloce hardware-assisted verification system for IC design is described as the first complete, integrated offering that combines a virtual platform, hardware emulation, and FPGA prototyping technologies.

Siemens Digital Industries has added the HyCon (Hybrid Configurable) feature which allows customers to engineer and deploy complex hybrid emulation systems for SoC designs.

Another introduction is Veloce Strato+, a capacity upgrade to the Veloce Strato hardware emulator. It scales up to 15 billion gates, and is claimed to combine the industry’s highest total throughput with its fastest co-model bandwidth and time-to-visibility.

Also new is the Veloce Primo for enterprise-level FPGA, combining runtime performance with fast prototype bring-up.

Additionally, there is the Veloce proFPGA for desktop FPGA prototyping. The modular approach to capacity means the Veloce proFPGA family of products delivers scalability across a range of capacity requirements, confirms Siemens.

The Veloce seamless approach to managing verification cycles emphasises running market-specific, real-world workloads, frameworks, and benchmarks early in the verification cycle for power and performance analysis. This enables customer-built virtual SoC models early in the cycle and the integration to begin running real-world firmware and software on Veloce Strato+ for deep-visibility to the lowest level of hardware.

Customers can move the same design to Veloce Primo to validate the software/hardware interfaces and execute application-level software while running closer to actual system speeds. To make this approach as efficient as possible, Veloce Strato+ and Veloce Primo use the same RTL, the same virtual verification environment, the same transactors and models to maximise the reuse of verification collateral, environment and test content.

Ravi Subramanian, senior vice president and general manager, Siemens EDA, believes Veloce establishes “a new standard for a system that is capable of supporting the new verification requirements across a diverse set of industries-spanning computing and storage, AI/ML, 5G, networking, and automotive.”

The full Veloce hardware-assisted verification system is now available and in production use at leading customers worldwide.

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