Silicon Designs shops three MEMS capacitive accelerometer chip families

Three industrial-grade, surface mount MEMS capacitive accelerometer chip families are available for shipment from Silicon Designs.

The 1521, the 1522 and the 1531 series of single-axis, industrial-grade surface mount MEMS capacitive accelerometer chip families are now available, in quantities ranging from test samples up to OEM volumes.

The Model 1521 Series low-cost, industrial-grade, high-stability OEM surface mount accelerometer chips, are offered in eight standard ranges from ± two to ±400g. Each features a ±4.0V differential output. The accelerometers are offered with a choice of a 20-pin LCC or J-lead surface mount package, both of which are nitrogen gas-damped, hermetically sealed and RoHS-compliant. The Model 1521 devices integrate a MEMS capacitive sense element, together with both an amplifier and internal temperature sensor. The MEMS capacitive sense element is claimed to be the best-in-class and provides long-term measurement stability (+5.0V DC, 5mA power typical) and is durable with 5,000 g shock survivability and zero signal degradation. The accelerometer is designed for zero-to-medium frequency testing and instrumentation applications requiring extremely low noise (with 7.0 microg/√Hz typical for 2.0g full-scale versions). It is also engineered for long-term stability to respond to frequencies from zero (DC) to 2000+ Hz. It can perform over a standard operating temperature range of -55 to +125 degrees C.

The Model 1522 Series of enhanced thermal performance MEMS capacitive accelerometer chips, is also offered in eight standard ranges (±2.0g to ±400 g) and in a 20-pin LCC package. It provides low noise over an expanded standard operating temperature range of -55 to +125 degrees C. The MEMS capacitive analogue surface mount accelerometers can be specified within an expanded variety of zero-to-medium frequency testing and instrumentation applications, including those in which particularly large or rapid temperature variations, thermal gradients, or other hot and cold temperature extremes are present, confirms Silicon Designs. For reliability and measurement accuracy under thermally volatile conditions, each Model 1522 Series accelerometer chip is individually tested, programmed, calibrated, and verified within a climate chamber environment.

Finally, the Model 1531 high-temperature MEMS capacitive accelerometer chips are offered in seven standard ranges from ±5.0g to ±400g. Designed for reliable and repeatable measurements in higher temperature environments (-55 to +175 degrees C). the chips have the same performance specifications to that of the Model 1521 Series, but with improved thermal durability. The design incorporates both high temperature materials and temperature conditioning protocols. Internal components are housed in a nitrogen gas-damped, hermetically-sealed and RoHS-compliant, 20-pin J-lead surface mount package. This is designed to further isolate the device from surface thermal expansion, says Silicon Designs. The Model 1531 Series is tested within a climate chamber environment, to ensure performance in temperatures up to +175 degrees C.

The regulated manufacturing processes at Silicon Designs ensures that each MEMS capacitive accelerometer chip is virtually identical in both size and configuration, says the company. This allows them to be swapped out from different models within the same g-range, with few-to-no testing modifications.

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