SiT7910 Super-TCXO sets timekeeping benchmark, says SiTime 

Designed for aerospace and defence applications, the latest member of the Endura family by SiTime enables faster GPS signal acquisition and locking. The SiT7910 sets a new performance benchmark for timekeeping components, said the company.

The SiT7910 is part of the SiTime Endura ruggedised family in aerospace and defence devices which use global positioning system (GPS) signals, such as ruggedised handheld radios, ground vehicles and sensors. All can acquire and lock to GPS more quickly and securely with the 25 times higher precision of this Super-TCXO, said SiTime.

 “The GPS signal is ubiquitous and is a crucial part of national security, everyday communications, financial systems, and power grid operations,” said Piyush Sevalia, executive vice president of marketing at SiTime. “However, it is susceptible not just to environmental disruptions but also to jamming and spoofing”. It requires precision timekeeping, which ensures the faster and more secure acquisition of, and locking to GPS signals, even in the harshest of environmental conditions. The SiT7910 Super-TCXO uses SiTime’s MEMS, analogue and systems technologies.

Key features include 32.768kHz frequency and ±0.2 ppm frequency stability over -55 to +105 degrees C with performance up to 25 times better than legacy quartz technology, reported SiTime. The device maintains one second of accuracy for one year, versus legacy quartz devices that can only maintain it for one to 14 days.

The SiT7910 also has 20 ppb per g g-sensitivity for resilience in high-vibration environments. It also has low power consumption, typically 6.0 microA and ±5 ppm frequency ageing over 20 years.

Operating supply voltage is 1.62 to 3.63V.

The Super-TCXO is packaged in a space saving 2.5 x 2.0mm package and is Pb-free, RoHS, and REACH-compliant

The Endura SiT7910 is sampling now. Volume production is expected in Q2, 2023.

SiTime is a precision timing company, with products designed to enable customers to differentiate their products with higher performance, smaller size, lower power, and better reliability.

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