Small Simple Switcher synchronous converters simplify industrial power supplies

Integrated, wide-VIN DC/DC buck regulators from Texas Instruments, simplify the design of industrial power supplies, says the company. The two wide-VIN synchronous Simple Switcher DC/DC buck regulators are supplied in small HotRod quad flat no-lead (QFN) packaging.

The highly integrated 3.0A LMR33630 and 2.0A LMR33620 step-down voltage converters feature the industry’s best full load efficiency, claims Texas Instruments, quoting a figure of 92 per cent at 24V IN, 5.0V OUT and 400kHx switching frequency. This makes them suitable for rugged and reliable industrial power supplies with switching frequencies up to 2.1MHz. Low 24-microA typical standby quiescent current increases light load efficiency.

The converters can be used in conjunction with TI’s Webench Power Designer.

The 3.8 to 36V LMR33630 and LMR33620 buck regulators are offered in 3.0 x 2.0mm thermally enhanced packaging. The HotRod QFN package includes wettable flanks enabling post-solder optical inspection to simplify manufacturing. They also provide the LMR33630 with a power density of 0.5A/mm2 at 3.0A of current.

The package construction and symmetrical pin placement minimises parasitic inductance and facilitate optimal placement of input bypass capacitors to mitigate conducted and radiated noise emissions, adds Texas Instruments.

The DC/DC converters provide an operating input voltage range up to 36V for nominal 12 or 24V systems such as factory and home automation, motor drives, inverters and servo control units. For applications up to 60V, TI offers the 600mA LMR36006 and 1.5A LMR36015 synchronous step-down converters in pin-compatible packages.

In addition to the QFN package, the 36V regulators are also available in a thermally efficient, eight-pin, 5.0 x 6.0mm small-outline integrated circuit (SOIC) package that delivers a low thermal co-efficient of 13.8 degree C/W to improve reliability.

The 36V LMR33630 and LMR33620 and the 60V LMR36015 and LMR36006 are supplied in small reels. All four devices are available in the 12-pin HotRod package.

Available in the eight-pin SOIC package, the 36V LMR33630 and LMR33620 are supplied in small reels.

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