Smart batteries from Accutronics use 21700-sized cells to extend runtime

Battery manufacturer, Accutronics is distributing a range of smart batteries for use in medical, industrial and other professional electronic devices.  They are manufactured by Accutronics’ US-based partner Inspired Energy, and are the first in the range to use 21700-sized cells, offering longer runtimes than existing 18650 based models. The series also includes the company’s first 18V battery.

There are four products in the range, with nominal voltages of 7.2, 10.8, 14.4 and 18.0V. All have a nominal capacity of 5.0Ah, which means energy ranges from 36 to 90Wh. New single and dual bay Inspired Energy chargers are also available, which accept the 21700-based batteries and are backwards compatible with the 18650-based models.

All four batteries feature an industry standard connector interface for power and SMBus communication and an LED state of charge indicator allows the user to determine if the battery needs charging. All models have a tough plastic casing and meet the latest regulations for transport, confirmed Accutronics.

Traditionally, Inspired Energy batteries contain 18650 size cells which have a diameter of 18mm by a length of 65mm, while a 21700 cell measures 21mm by 70mm.

The four lithium-ion smart batteries have an energy rating below 100Wh, which avoids complex and costly shipping regulations, added the company.

The introduction of an 18V battery into the range reflects the need for portable power in new motor driven applications, where the higher voltage offers improved efficiency.

Like all of the new batteries that use 21700 cells, the 18V battery has an 8A discharge capability.

Accutronics is the sole distributor for the Inspired Energy range of standard smart batteries, chargers and accessories. It provides a high-level technical support service and can design an Inspired Energy battery into a new device. Customisation of any standard battery is available with unique labelling, firmware, regulatory approval or application specific testing.

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