Smart gate driver photocoupler saves space and system cost, says Toshiba 

A ±2.5A output smart gate driver photocoupler launched by Toshiba Electronics Europe is able to control IGBTs and MOSFETs while protecting power devices from over-current incidents. The TLP5212 can be used in a range of applications including inverters, AC servo drives, photovoltaic (PV) inverters and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

It is designed with a totem pole output with two N-channel MOSFETs, enabling it to sink or source up to ±2.5A and ensure compatibility with specifications widely used in industrial equipment. The design also includes desaturation detection, an active Miller clamp, under-voltage lockout and fault output to protect operation. According to Toshiba, this reduces system costs for fault detection and protection and additionally saves space and reduces design effort. When the Toshiba’s own infrared LED is incorporated, the TLP5212 can be used in severe thermal environments.

The TLP5212’s propagation delay is just 250 nanoseconds (max) and propagation delay skew is ±150 nanoseconds, making the photocoupler suitable for high-speed applications. Operating temperature range (Ta) is -40 to +110 degrees C, which makes it suitable for industrial and renewable energy use, advised Toshiba.

The photocoupler is housed in a small SO16L package, measuring 10.3 x 10.0 x 2.3mm. The compact package enables it to be used where space is limited. Despite this, minimum creepage distance is 8mm, reported Toshiba, allowing it to be used for applications requiring high levels of safety isolation and insulation (BVs = 5000Vrms).

The TLP5212 requires a signal on the input side to resume from protection. Toshiba is also developing the TLP5222, an accompanying photocoupler which resumes automatically after a specified time. The company will announce details of its release nearer the time. Mass production of the TLP5212, however, has begun.

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) is the European electronic components business of Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage. It offers a variety of hard disk drive (HDD) products and semiconductors for automotive, industrial, IoT, motion control, telecomms, networking, consumer products and white goods. The company’s portfolio includes power semiconductors and other discrete devices ranging from diodes to logic ICs, optical semiconductors as well as microcontrollers and application specific standard products (ASSPs).

TEE has headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, with branch offices in France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom providing marketing, sales and logistics services.

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