Smart Modular increases memory density for DDR-3200 bus

Running at DDR4-3200 high speed bus rates, DDR4 NVDIMMs incorporate Micron DDR4 DRAM. The Smart Modular Technologies now offers the NVDIMMs in higher densities of 16 and 32Gbyte.

The modules combine the DDR4 DRAM technology with Smart Modular’s high speed PCB designs and are claimed to significantly improve signal integrity for broader design margins even at the highest DDR4 bus speeds.  NVDIMMs have seen wide adoption in applications requiring normal memory operation at DRAM bus clock rates. These latest NVDIMMs from Smart Modular also use Micron advanced 3D NAND technology which is claimed to provide highly reliable memory persistence in the event of a system crash or power outage, with minimal back-up and restore times.

The NVDIMMs operate as standard DDR4 RDIMMs with unlimited write endurance, and integrated persistence capability for efficient write acceleration in flash storage appliances and high-speed recovery capability in cloud data centres. Smart Modular NVDIMMs offer the full feature set currently defined by JEDEC standards. Additionally, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) AES-XTS 256 provides enhanced data protection. The company also offers a set of intelligent back-up power modules (BPM) in various form factors which provide temporary power during back-up operations.

The company designs, manufactures and supports NVDIMMs and BPMs. It has been a key contributor, along with other industry partners, in establishing the evolving NVDIMM ecosystem and provides comprehensive firmware and technical support directly to its customers for NVDIMM and BPM products.

Smart Modular Technologies has been serving the specialty memory industry for over 30 years, providing memory modules, solid-state storage products and hybrid solutions across various form factors and in standard, custom and ruggedised versions where high performance and high capacity are critical. Smart Modular Technologies’ customer base includes OEMs in computing, networking, communications, storage, mobile, military, aerospace and industrial markets.

The pioneer in secure, ruggedised solid-state drives (SSDs) also provides encryption, secure data elimination and write-protect features to deliver highly secure storage for military, aerospace and industrial markets.

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