Smart storage adapters simplify storage management

Interoperating seamlessly with management firmware from AMI for at-scale secure storage management, Adaptec Smart Storage adapters simplify the development of out-of-band remote storage management to reduce data centre operational costs, says Microchip Technology.

They are designed to allow data centre administrators and IT managers to securely manage and trouble-shoot platforms and devices remotely, which requires additional software, hardware and firmware be interfaced with storage adapters and other server components. The storage adapters now seamlessly interoperate with MegaRAC SP-X remote monitoring and diagnostics firmware from American Megatrends (AMI) and are supported in its MegaRAC solution development framework.

Combining the adapters with AMI’s MegaRAC SP-X remote storage management firmware enables server component monitoring, auto-discovery of system issues and other diagnostics from anywhere in the world. According to Pete Hazen, vice president of Microchip’s Data Centre Solutions business unit: “Support for our adapters in the MegaRAC development framework speeds time to market for solutions that provide baseline remote management functionality and allows for easy customisation to support additional features.”

MegaRAC SP-X manageability firmware powers embedded base management controllers (BMCs) to reduce data centre operational costs by enabling remote management capabilities including platform status monitoring and problem notifications, diagnosis and recovery. Out-of-band management enables the adapters to be reached directly over a network connection if the server is powered off or unresponsive and improves security by eliminating the need for proprietary software or host tools on either the server or storage system. AMI has leveraged a combination of the widely adopted management component transport protocol (MCTP) protocol and Microchip’s StorageCore application programming interface (API) to add basic support for the Adaptec Smart Storage adapters in its MegaRAC development framework’s Storage Adapter management tool.

Adaptec Smart Storage Adapters with MegaRAC support are available now.

Microchip Technology provides smart, connected and secure embedded control solutions with development tools and products for industrial, automotive, consumer, aerospace and defence, communications and computing markets.

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