SMM100A redefines mid-range signal generation, says Rohde & Schwarz

Believed to be the only vector signal generator with mmWave testing capabilities in its class, the RS SMM100A is available from Rohde & Schwarz. The signal generator meets the rigorous expectations for generating digital signals for the most advanced wireless communication devices entering production, as well as for developing future products and technologies, says Rohde & Schwarz.

It is designed for 5G devices to test the whole frequency range. Now, instead of doing this with a single signal generator for both 5G NR FR1 and FR2 frequencies, the R&S SMM100A vector signal generator displays “excellent” RF characteristics across the 100MHz to 44GHz, says Rohde & Schwarz. The vector signal generator covers all the bands used by any wireless standards, including LTE and 5G NR, as well as the latest WLAN standards Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E (up to 7.125GHz).

Wireless personal area networks such as Bluetooth are also covered. The vector signal generator’s maximum RF modulation bandwidth of 1.0GHz meets requirements to generate the broadband signals used by devices making full use of the most demanding wireless standard specifications, including IEEE 802.15.4z Ultra-Wideband (HRP-UWB).

The R&S SMM100A offers a maximum output power of +18dBm, which reduces the need for external amplifiers. Excellent modulation frequency response, error vector magnitude (EVM) and adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) performance result in signal quality for reliable, repeatable test accuracy.

The R&S SMM100A comes with six maximum frequency options from 6.0GHz to 44GHz, and four modulation bandwidth options from 120MHz to 1.0GHz to meet all major device band requirements. Users can upgrade their instrument’s capabilities according to their need at any time by simply entering a key code.

Both, real time signal generation with an internal baseband generator for one-box signal generation with immediate configuration of signal parameters, and an arbitrary waveform generator (ARB) for waveforms defined with the R&S WinIQSIM2 simulation software are available.

The R&S SMM100A features a large ARB memory depth of up to 2Gsample and a high maximum sampling rate of 1.2Gsamples per second. For production use, the multi-segment mode speeds up test sequences even more, with fast switching between individual baseband signals.

The built-in SCPI macro recorder can create error-free, remote control programs quickly and easily, says Rohde & Schwarz. MatLab or Python scripts can be executed, which can not only be re-used on an R&S SMM100A, but on most Rohde & Schwarz vector signal generators currently available.

The new R&S SMM100A vector signal generator is available now.

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