Snake SW Tecless detector supports high volume industrial imaging applications

The small footprint shortwave infrared detector (SWIR) detector, Snake SW Tecless, is for infra red imaging for machine vision applications, where previously cost has been prohibitive, explains Sofradir.

Sofradir supplies infra red (IR) detectors for aerospace, defence and commercial markets, and claims that the Snake SW Tecless is the smallest footprint high-resolution (VGA) SWIR available today. It is designed for use in high-volume industrial, scientific and surveillance applications, such as inspection, sorting, thermography or security monitoring tasks. Snake SW Tecless brings camera makers important cost benefits, whilst offering fast frame rates (300frame per second) and an industry-leading signal-to-noise ratio. According toSofradir, these are key factors affecting a camera’s ability to perform at its full capacity.
Snake SW Tecless is the first shortwave infrared detector without a cooler commercially available from Sofradir. This new design will enable system developers identify defects or perform analysis of raw materials, among other vision tasks and to go beyond the capabilities of visible cameras, claims Sofradir. This will increase manufacturing yields.
Snake SW Tecless is designed with Sofradir’s proprietary InGaAs (Indium Gallium Arsenide) technology. The uncooled package measures 0.65-inch2 /27.3mm2, yet represents only one-fifth of the physical dimensions of other Sofradir Snake SW detector products. Its compact form makes it suitable for in-line inspection and sorting, notably machine vision for semiconductors, agricultural, pharmaceutical or chemical products. It can also be used for thermography, including hot process control in glass and metal industries. Another target application is to address size, weight, power consumption and cost reduction (SWAP-C) needs in surveillance applications, such as traffic monitoring and transport security.

The Snake SW Tecless is assembled using cost-efficient and high volume processes adopted by CMOS image sensors. It is available in production volumes for camera or system integration.

Sofradir will exhibit Snake SW Tecless at booth 1746 during Photonics West, January 29 to February 1.

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