Software characterises modulation distortion

What is claimed to be the lowest possible residual error vector magnitude (EVM) on the market today can be achieved with the S93070xB modulation distortion option for Keysight’s PNA-X vector network analyser.

The optional S93070xB modulation distortion application delivers a wide system dynamic range resulting in the lowest possible residual EVM available today, says Keysight.

Traditional test setups, especially for 5G power amplifiers and beam former integrated circuit design, verification and production, are not only complex but can introduce a range of sources for potential errors, such as mismatch and cable loss. These errors can compromise signal fidelity and reduce the accuracy and repeatability of measurements.

The S93070xB modulation distortion application is integrated with Keysight’s PNA-X vector network analyser. Designers can accurately, repeatedly and quickly characterise the behaviour of a device under a modulated wideband signal stimulus. It calibrates and offers single connection and single touch for existing vector network analyser measurements.

Joe Rickert, vice president of high frequency measurement R&D, at Keysight Technologies, explained: “Integrating modulation distortion on the performance network analyser (PNA) allows engineers to isolate and measure key performance parameters of their design, reduce complexity of test environments and eliminate potential sources of error. This provides them with the confidence that their measurement results are reliable and consistent”.

Keysight’s S93070xB modulation distortion application offers users low residual EVM due to wider system dynamic range (lower noise floor) to fully capture the performance of a device without limitations associated with the test setup. The signal fidelity at the device under test (DUT) input is achieved by PNA calibration. The application also offers calibration for “vector corrected” EVM measurements, while consistent, repeatable measurement results are supported by vector network analyser calibration.

Keysight Technologies offers design simulation, to prototype validation, to manufacturing test, to optimisation in networks and cloud environments for customers around the world, operating in the communications ecosystem, aerospace and defence, automotive, energy, semiconductor, and general electronics end markets.

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