Software combines with self-encrypting SSD for industrial protection

Self-encrypting drives (SEDs) is industrial-grade data protection from Innovision. By employing a hardware-based encryption mechanism, located in the controller, the data is “next to uncrackable” says Innovision, and will have no impact on CPU loading.

To simplify implementing these devices, Innodisk has created iOpal, an intuitive software for SED management.

Rather than consumer-based solutions, such as software encryption to protect sensitive data, but these may have severe weaknesses, warns Innodisk. Software encryption is susceptible to cracking and other attempts to reach data, and, in addition, the encryption process will also increase CPU loading.

Innodisk’s SEDs uses 256-bit AES encryption. An internal AES-engine encrypts all data going into the device, meaning that data read directly from the NAND flash will be scrambled and unintelligible.

Implementing and managing the SED can be challenging without the right tools, advises Innodisk. TCG Opal 2.0 is set of specifications for SED management which defines how to create different ranges for different users, allowing for a system where data is shared on a strictly need-to-know basis.

iOpal moulds the detailed specifications of TCG Opal 2.0 into a user-friendly application. It comprises several key features such as data storage management, different user authorisations, and pre-boot authentication. iOpal and Innodisk’s SEDs can be used for mission-critical and heavy-loading environments, such as aerospace and server applications. The software is compatible with select form factors in the 3MG2-P, 3SE2-P, and 3MR2-P SSD series.

Three versions are available, the 3MG2-P is a 2.5-inch SSD, M.2 (S42, S80), mSATA and SATA Slim form factors, with the 3SE2-P is available as a 2.5 or 1.8-inch SSD and the 3MR2-P is available as 2.5-inch SSD.

The SED support Windows 7 and Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu and Linus Fedora.

Innodisk is a service-driven provider of flash memory, DRAM modules and embedded peripheral products for the industrial and enterprise applications. Customers are served across the embedded, aerospace and defence and cloud storage markets.

Innodisk was founded in 2005 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

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