Software tool enhancement extends support for SAM microcontrollers

For the first time, MPLAB Harmony supports SAM microcontrollers, with MPLAB Harmony version 3.0 by Microchip.

The development environment allows developers options across Microchip’s portfolio of 32-bit PIC and SAM microcontrollers. The latest version of MPLAB Harmony helps developers to simplify and scale designs, explains Microchip and adds enhancements, such as royalty-free security software through a partnership with wolfSSL, to streamline the design cycle. Modular software downloads allow designers to only download select portions of software based on the needs of an application.    

MPLAB Harmony v3 offers choices for architectures, performance and applications, for developers to learn and maintain a single environment on a computer. To support varying software development models from basic device configuration to real time operating system (RTOS) -based applications, designers need only download small elements or components rather than having to download the entire software suite if they only need parts of it. For example, developers can download device drivers or a TCP/IP stack as the application demands, to save both time and disk space. The software has simplified drivers and optimised peripheral libraries so developers do not have to spend time and effort on lower level drivers; instead they can focus on differentiating applications, explains Microchip.

To reduce embedded security design cycles for customers, Microchip has partnered with wolfSSL to implement elements of the company’s security suite software in MPLAB Harmony v3. In a multi-year agreement, developers received ready-to-use, royalty-free software-based security solutions that emphasise speed, size, portability and standards compliance. Customers can go into production with a free commercial licence any time during the agreement and will have access to wolfSSL TLS Library, wolfMQTT Client Library and wolfSSH SSH Library.

The Xplained Pro and Ultra evaluation platforms for SAM MCUs are now supported in MPLAB Harmony v3. MPLAB Harmony works closely with the MPLAB X integrated development environment (IDE). The PIC32 family of MCUs and associated development platforms, such as Curiosity boards, will continue to be supported under MPLAB X and Harmony development platforms. MPLAB Harmony also seamlessly integrates third-party solutions (i.e. RTOS, middleware, drivers) into the embedded development framework.

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