SOIC16W package is custom designed for EV/HEVs and solar applications 

Offering 5kV certified isolation voltage and 80+A nominal current measurement, the ACS724 and ACS725 current sensor ICs are available in a custom SOIC16W package. Allegro says the MC package has a low (265 micrOhm) series resistance which is more than 2.5 times lower than existing SOIC16W solutions. It delivers Allegro’s highest certified isolation rating of 5kV RMS.

The current sensor ICs are intended for applications like DC/DC converters, solar inverters, UPS systems, xEV on board chargers (OBC), EV charging pile and motor control.

The custom package provides higher power density with a small footprint. The MC package has a copper leadframe more than two times thicker than that of standard SOIC semiconductor packages. The SOIC16W footprint also allows for smaller PCBs. The package is capable of handling above 80A of continuous current depending on operating temperature requirements and reduces the need for external cooling components.

Patented internal package constructions deliver 5kV RMS isolation rating that allows customers to operate at continuous voltages as high as 1600V DC and 1140V RMS. This meets the needs of the most demanding electric vehicle applications and the new 1500V DC solar standards, says Allegro.

Allegro MicroSystems specialises in power and sensing technologies, from green energy to advanced mobility and motion control systems.

Allegro offers global engineering, manufacturing and support.

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