SoMs are pin-compatible with Intel Agilex I- and F- FPGA SoCs

System on modules (SoMs) that support Intel Agilex FPGA SoCs have been released by iWave. The iW-RainboW-G43 and iW-RainboW-G51 Agilex SoC based SoMs are designed for data centre, networking and edge applications which can exploit the SoCs customised acceleration and connectivity characteristics.

According to iWave, they provide an improvement in performance with 40 per cent lower power consumption while delivering two times the fabric performance per Watt. The SoCs integrate the Arm Cortex A53 Core application processor.

The SoMs are available in a 120 x 90mm form factor and are claimed to be the first SoMs to be pin compatible for the majority of the F-Series and the I-Series. 

The Agilex SoM has up to 2.7M programmable logic elements for processing large amounts of, or complex, data algorithms. The SoM supports primary interface and components, such as Gigabit Ethernet, USB2.0 port, JTAG, UART, onboard DDR4 and eMMC flash for storage, high-speed transceivers.

Complementing the Agilex SoC on-chip resources, the SoM provides up to 64 FGT transceiver channels (up to 32G NRZ / 58G PAM4), up to eight FHT transceiver channels (up to 58G NRZ / 116G PAM4), on SoM PTP and SyncE network synchronisers, SmartVID to adjust voltage as per the temperature and performance requirements and up to 138 LVDS/276 SE I/Os.

To enable quick prototyping and speed up development, iWave supports customers by providing reference designs in the form of development kits and software packages. 

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