Sondrel reduces time to market with pre-packaged supply chains

In addition to the pre-packaged, SoC IP architectures available from Sondrel in the Architecting the Future IP platforms, the company claims to reduce risk and time to market with pre-packaged supply chains.

The Architecting the Future series covers the SFA 100 to the SFA 350A pre-packaged, SoC IP architectures. According to Sondrel, they provide a fast track for designing a new chip because all the customer has to do is select the most suitable foundry and process, third party IP and to integrate any of their own IP to create a custom solution. Sondrel claimed its supply chain manufacturing service has further reduced risk and time to market with the creation of pre-packaged supply chains specifically tailored for each of its Architecting the Future platforms.

Ian Walsh, Sondrel’s vice president ASIC business development, explained; “Customers need to know the overall budget and time to market as key decision points in deciding whether to green light a new chip project or not. The process of turning a chip design into final silicon has many variables such as chip size, which foundry and process node to use, what testing regime to adopt, how to package the device, etc”. Explaining that the company’s SoC architectures’ five starting points allow the company to reduce all these variables into a small matrix for each. 

“This means we have the relevant data at our fingertips with pre-defined and costed production routes rather than having to start from scratch every time,” he added. 

“Unknowns are virtually removed giving a clearly defined and well-trodden path from design to shipping silicon making us the partner of choice to deliver on time and on budget,” said Walsh.

Founded in 2002, Sondrel offers a ‘define and design’ ASIC consulting capability, complemented with turnkey services to transform designs into tested, volume-packaged silicon chips. This single point of contact for the entire supply chain process ensures low risk and faster times to market, said the company.

Headquartered in the UK, Sondrel supports customers around the world via its offices in China, India, Morocco and North America. 

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