Spectrum offers driver support for the Nvidia Clara AGX

Driver support for the Nvidia Clara AGX universal computing architecture means that developers can select one of 64 digitisers, arbitrary waveform generators and digital I/O cards from Spectrum Instrumentation for use in artificial intelligence (AI) medical instruments. 

For example, the digitiser cards can be used to acquire signals in the DC to GHz frequency ranges by sampling them at rates from 5Msamples per second up to a maximum of 5Gsamples per second. 

The arbitrary waveform generator, which outputs samples at 40Msamples per second up to 1.25Gsamples per second, can be used to produce signals with almost any wave shape and frequency content, from DC to 400MHz, said Spectrum. 

Individual analogue cards offer one, two-, four- or eight-channel capability. Digital I/O cards and digital data acquisition cards allow the acquisition of digital data at rates up to 720Msamples per second and can generate digital patterns at up to 125Msamples per second. There are different interface options for TTL and LVDS available. 

Nvidia’s Clara AGX developer kit can be used to develop software-defined, AI-enabled, real time, point-of-care medical devices. It delivers real-time streaming connectivity and AI inference via the Jetson AGX Xavier, Arm-based SoC, the RTX 6000 GPU and the ConnectX SmartNIC with 100GbE connectivity. The kit also includes full-stack GPU-accelerated libraries, software development kits and reference applications. 

Adding a Spectrum card to the Clara system allows sensor signals to be acquired, generated, stored and processed, explained the company. Data can be streamed between the cards, the processor and the GPU. The GPU’s high speed parallel processing capabilities ensure that large volumes of data can be acquired and generated by the Spectrum products. Spectrum already offers SCAPP (Spectrum’s CUDA Access for Parallel Processing) for GPU-based data processing. 

The Nvidia Clara is already used in biomedical research programmes and medical devices, around imaging, genomics, patient monitoring and drug discovery. 

The M2p- and M4i-series cards all carry a five-year product warranty, with free software and firmware updates. There is customer support directly from the engineering team for the lifetime of the product. 


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