ST becomes first chip maker accredited by the GSMA to personalise eSIMs for mobiles and connected IoT

STMicroelectronics has been named as the first embedded SIM (eSIM) manufacturer to be accredited by the GSMA for loading eSIM chips with connection credentials such as certificates and operator profiles before shipping.

The eSIMs, customised with connection credentials help enable smaller form factors, greater security, and increased flexibility. Chip-scale, permanently embedded, and electronically reprogrammable, eSIMs save space inside smartphones for extra features or battery capacity, while enabling different types of connected devices in tiny form factors for an expanding range of markets and applications, such as smart watches and Internet of Things (IoT) devices including smart meters, remote sensors, or gateways.

ST can now deliver personalised eSIMs, built around the ST33 secure microcontroller directly to customers’ production facilities, ready to use with no further programming required.

Equipment OEMs, mobile network operators, and SIM operating-system (OS) vendors can streamline the eSIM supply chain to save handling overheads and reduce time to market.

“The SAS-UP accreditation of ST’s Rousset (France) production site for the personalisation of WLCSP SIMs and eSIMs is a significant move in driving widespread adoption of trusted eSIM devices by enabling consumer and IoT device manufacturers to implement eSIM in very small form factors,” said Jean-Christophe Tisseuil, GSMA’s head of SIM and eSIM. “SAS-UP is a first and essential step towards a secure and trusted eSIM market deployment.

“The eSIM is an important technological advance that makes it possible to build the connected world of the future, safely. The GSMA’s certification scheme governing production and personalisation is critical for its success,” said Marie-France Florentin, group vice-president, general manager, secure microcontroller division, STMicroelectronics. “Now that ST is accredited to produce and personalise eSIMs before shipping, our customers can benefit from greater efficiency and security throughout the entire supply chain, with all the safeguards and assurances provided by the GSMA’s ecosystem.”

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