ST launches STeID Java Card solutions for trusted e-Identity applications

ST has revealed the STeID Java Card smartcard platform that meets state-of-the-art requirements for electronic identity (eID) and eGovernment use cases. As eID documents using secure microcontrollers continue gaining importance in the fight against identity fraud, the STeID platform now accelerates the deployment of advanced solutions. Certified to common criteria EAL 6+, the platform comprises a secure operating system, STeID JC Open OS, and a portfolio of proprietary applets.

The STeID JC Open OS is compliant with the Java Card 3.0.5 card application framework and the Global Platform 2.3.1 security and card-management architecture. This Open Platform OS provides all the features needed to host important applications such as machine-readable travel documents (eMRTD) compliant with the International Civil Aviation Organisation ICAO 9303 standard. It also supports the electronic driving license standard ISO 18013, and eIDAS QSCD for qualified digital-signature creation devices. It will include Match-on-Card support for secure offline biometric authentication.

STeID Java Card incorporates support for Near Field Communication (NFC) specifications thereby providing a secure framework for creation of digital identity on mobile devices. The platform is used in conjunction with secure ICs such as ST’s ST31 microcontrollers, which are based on the dual-core Arm SecurCore SC000 core with additional hardware security features. These low-power devices contain non-volatile memory, support contactless communication, RF-energy harvesting, and biometry, and are available in smartcard industry chip-module form factors and wafer-level chip-scale packages.

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