Stackable development kits are based on ESP32 Wi-Fi SoC

M5Stack offers a range of modular stackable product development toolkits based on ESP32. This is the world’s most popular Wi-Fi SoC, says the IoT development company.

The M5 ecosystem consists of main controller (the core), stackable modules and bases, and sensors and different applications for STEM and IoT development.

Most cores can be modular and stackable with other modules using connectors called M-Bus such as LiPo battery module, GPS receiver module, and LoRa / NB-IoT / LTE-4G wireless communication module.

The kits are intended for makers and developers who want to make advanced ESP32 projects with a display, user interface, speaker and buttons. Other M5 blocks can be snapped into place to sensors, interfaces, or cameras, with no soldering required.

The M5Stick series modules are smaller than ESP32 IoT Core series and the M5StickC is suitable for wearable device development, advises M5Stack.

M5stickV is the visual sensor module based on Kendryte K210, which can perform high-speed convolution neural network calculation using low power consumption. It can be used for target detection and image classification tasks based on convolutional neural network, face detection and face recognition, multi-class object detection and recognition.

The M5StickT has received a lot of attention as the infra red thermal imaging camera can be used to detect people who may be infected with Covid-19. It adopts the advanced FLIR Lepton 3.0 long-wave infra red (LWIR) camera core with an effective resolution of 160 * 120 for a clear and stable image.

There is also the Atom 2D/1D barcode scanner kit which is an ESP32 M5Stack Atom- compatible module with wireless connectivity for reading barcode/QR-codes. Compatible with Arduino, it captures all common barcodes (2D/1D) on labels.

Other kits are the M5Stack Atom series, encompassing a DIY kit, an accessory external battery, GPS+Glonass positioning modules and a DIY prototype board module.

M5Stack offers IoT development platform for industrial automation, STEAM education and rapid prototyping with a robust, open source development kit that is affordable, customisable and easy for developers to handle new product development at all stages.

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