Standalone depaneling system is installed “in no time” says IPTE

Adding to the standalone offline depaneling system, EasyRouter, IPTE has introduced the EasyRouter Plug & Play. It is all the features of the IPTE EasyRouter family and is installed in no time, says the company.

The standalone IPTE EasyRouter Plug & Play also has all the necessary tools and connections – cables, hoses, instruction video and a 10 step set up guide, ready for operation. After the simple plug & play installation, the machine is ready to start working. There is no need to wait for the IPTE installation engineer.

If needed, the IPTE service-hotline is always available to help and give assistance.

The IPTE EasyRouter is a depaneling system for offline use. The machine is equipped with a productive milling tool featuring a speed of up to 60mm per second for the fast top routing of circuit boards. Electrical fixture ID, detection of correct position of the product before placement on milling fixture pins and automatic bit clamping or unclamping are optional. Furthermore, the EasyRouter can be equipped with an acquisition system for production and operation data, in order to record the depaneling procedures.

The loading and unloading of the router is done manually during the separating process via a rotating table on which non-complex and highly functional workpiece holders are mounted. A cobot can be integrated in the loading/unloading process, adds IPTE. The X and Y drive mechanisms, for the milling operation during the separating process, are equipped with modern, fast and precise linear-motor axes. For the easy programming of the depaneling process, the programming can be carried out by using standard dxf-files or with G-data codes. Other features are the storage of the exact bit position in the TS1 software with the help of a camera, and the continuous monitoring of ESD value from the milling bit in operation.

IPTE offers a full range of depaneling systems to comply with all application requirements in board assembly operations. Regardless of the product mix, the quantities to be manufactured and the automation level on the shop floor, every customer will find an efficient machine solution for a respective task, says the company.

IPTE was founded 1992 in Belgium. IPTE is a worldwide supplier for individual, flexible and high-technology automated product equipment. The company designs standard machinery and turnkey-automation systems for all kinds of production, test and further processing of PCBs, as well as of board assemblies and final products. IPTE runs 14 sites in Europe, America and Asia. The company’s client list includes major manufacturers of the telecommunications industry, the consumer electronics branch, the industrial and motor vehicle electronics as well as producers from the assembly technology and the manufacturing sector. IPTE’s headquarters are located in Genk, Belgium.

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