Start timing analysis conducts safety test in less than seven minutes

Embedded systems software company, iSystem and Vector Informatik, a specialist in software and automotive electronics have partnered to provide a timing analysis software bundle, free of charge.

The Vector-iSystem software bundle for automating timing analysis allows AutoSAR engine control unit (ECU) developers to record, analyse and evaluate the timing behaviour of an embedded system in less than seven minutes, say the companies. The free package includes scripts, header files as well as samples and is compatible with the Vector AutoSAR Classic base software MicroSAR.

In-depth analysis techniques are used to prove functional safety in complex embedded software applications such as in the ECUs in modern vehicles. This can include, for example, recording trace and timing data to determine the execution time of an application. This can be a complex process as factors such as the microcontroller, operating system and debug interface, make every set-up different and requiring individual configuration of the analysis system. Applications based on multi-core processor architecture as well as the AutoSAR standard can be particularly challenging, advises Vector.

The Vector-iSystem Timing Bundle is claimed to allow developers to start timing analysis of Vector MicroSAR-based applications in less than seven minutes. The bundle includes samples and pre-recorded timings for a quick insight into the general analysis capabilities of system profiling. This data can be viewed and assessed in the iSystem winIDEA Software Analyser or in the Vector TA tool suite.

The Vector-iSystem Timing Bundle contains a step-by-step guideline for integrating scheduling tracing across the entire tool chain, starting with the configuration of MicroSAR.OS in Vector’s DaVinci Configurator Pro, through iSystem winIDEA, to the analysis of the results in the iSystem Analyser or Vector TA Tool Suite. There are also scripts to automate the entire process. The sample included in the bundle using MicroSAR and the pre-recorded analysis data allow users to first get a quick idea of the timing analysis and its results. Next, the developer can adapt the provided scripts to a real life application and start the analysis right away. To run the samples and visualise the results, the user needs an iSystem winIDEA and / or Vector TA Tool Suite installation.

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