Starter kits help developers with user-interface controls

Modular evaluation boards, sensors and the Vishay SensorXplore kit are available for ambient light, proximity and bio-sensing applications.

RS Components stocks the Vishay SensorXplorer kit and 10 compatible sensor demo boards. Associated sensors, available from RS in small packs for prototyping or tape-and-reel for production, meet project needs from proof of concept to volume assembly.

The SensorXplorer evaluation kit is based on a universal USB-to-I2C board for connecting individual sensor boards to a host PC. All software and connectors are included with the kit, which is backwards-compatible with existing SensorXplorer boards; it also supports the latest models. The range of sensor boards available from RS supports sensors in Vishay’s portfolio.

The VCNL4020-SB supports the VCNL4020 sensor, which has similar proximity capability and adds an ambient-light sensor (ALS) with sensitivity close to that of the human eye, making it suitable for human machine interface (HMI) management.

There is also a board dedicated to the VCNL4020C, a short-range proximity sensor for distances up to 20mm, that can be used for bio-sensing applications such as heart-rate monitoring.

For mid-range proximity sensing, the VCNL4035X01-SB works at distances up to 500mm, while added gesture sensing in the VCNL4035X01-GES-SB lets engineers develop intuitive user interfaces for innovative projects.

Where fast response, high accuracy and low power are needed, the VCNL4040, supported by the VCNL4040-SB board, features intelligent cancellation to eliminate crosstalk, and implements smart persistence to combine high speed and accuracy. The VCNL4040 also features Vishay’s patented Filtron technology for near-human spectral sensitivity to ambient light, with integrated background-light cancellation to offload the host microcontroller.

Another board, the VCNL4200-SB aids development with the VCNL4200, which combines a high-sensitivity proximity sensor with extended range up to 1.5m, and an ambient-light sensor with Filtron technology for lifelike response.

Three further sensor boards complete the latest SensorXplorer range. They are the VEML6030-SB for the VEML6030 digital ALS and the VEML6040-SB, which contains a VEML6040 multi-wavelength (RGBW) colour sensor for optimising both the brightness and colour temperature of display backlights for comfortable viewing.

Finally, the VEML6075-SB accelerates development with the VEML6075, an innovative sensor that works in both the UV-A (365 nm peak) and UV-B (330 nm peak) to provide a digital measure of UV intensity. VEML6070-SB (355 nm peak) can be used to evaluate for UVA-only applications.

RS stocks two more innovative Vishay optical sensing options. One is the TCUT1630X01 three-channel slotted interrupter. With one infra red emitter and two optical receivers for transmissive sensing, the TCUT1630X01 has a third receiver in a separate plane to enable ‘turn and push’ encoding, or for detecting an additional indexing tab on a code wheel. The sensor is AEC-Q101 qualified for automotive applications and can be used in a variety of push/turn control knobs for in-car, industrial, medical, or consumer electronics applications.

The TCTUT1800X01 is a quad-channel slotted sensor for absolute and incremental encoding completes the Vishay optical-sensing portfolio available at RS.


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