Step-down converters claim lowest quiescent current for always-on vehicle use

Two step-down converters from Maxim Integrated, the MAX20075 and MAX20076 enable 50 per cent savings in board space and are designed for system designers to create small, highly efficient 40V load dump-tolerant applications. The compact, pin-compatible MAX20075 and MAX20076 step-down converters offer the industry’s lowest quiescent current (IQ), claims Maxim. The 12-pin TDFN and side-wettable TDFN packages measure 3.0 x 3.0mm with integrated compensation enable minimal external components for up to 50 per cent savings in board space for always-on automotive applications.

The MAX20075 and MAX20076 in peak current mode draw just 3.5-microA in the low power operating mode. Conventional solutions draw 15 to 30-microA, reports Maxim. This is key to meeting the stringent OEM IQ consumption requirements of 100-microA per module, points out Maxim. It enables faster start-up times to be supported with low minimum on-time operation mode. The converters enable low noise operation via pin-controlled spread spectrum and fixed 2.1Mhz operation to meet CISPR 25 Class 5 EMI compliance.

The 2.1Mhz operation and internal compensation lowers the solution size and the bill of materials compared to a non-synchronous device that operates in the AM band.

The MAX20075 and MAX20076 are available with a low minimum on-time mode operation, which allows the converters to support large input-to-output conversion ratios.

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