Sub-miniature connectors protect in tight spaces

The Series 670 NCC (Not Connected Closed) sub-miniature connectors suit applications which have restricted space. They offer high protection levels when connected and disconnected, says binder. The connectors have been developed to meet the growing need for suitable, reliable circular connectors in many applications including lighting and test and measurement instrumentation, explains binder.

The Series 670 are five-pin sub-miniature connectors with a bayonet closure and a cable bushing from 3.5 to 5.0mm. The flange-type socket has soldered and dip-soldered contacts. A key feature is that the contacts are completely protected against water, dirt and penetration by foreign objects when not connected. The NCC connectors use a spring cover to protect the contacts even when disconnected.

With the NCC system, the Series 670 achieves protection to IP-54 when not connected. When the sub-miniature connector is connected, the level of protection increases to IP-67. The core function of the NCC feature is to keep the contacts free from environmental effects. The NCC is also distinguished by its high durability, claims binder.

Sascha Döbel, product manager at binder, explains, “Our NCC subminiature connectors are designed for more than 1000 mating cycles”. 

The Series 670 sub-miniature connectors are suitable for applications which demand frequent mating and demating, as well as for use in designs where restricted space demands a compact profile.

In addition to environmental protection, the Series 670 plastic socket has high resistance to vibration and shock loads. It also has a wide operating temperature range of -25 to +85 degrees C, to accommodate extremes of heat and cold.

Connector housings are available in different colours for use in applications where identification and organisation is desired.

Franz Binder (binder) is a family owned business producing circular connectors for automation technology.

Worldwide, binder has 1,800 employees, 1,000 of these are located at the company headquarters in Neckarsulm, Germany. The binder group is comprised of the binder headquarters, 16 affiliated companies, two system service providers as well as an Innovation & Technology Centre.

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