Synopsys bundles design engines for hyper-convergent ICs

For memory, artificial intelligence (AI), automotive and 5G applications, the PrimeSim design environment provides comprehensive analysis, improved productivity, says Synopsys.

At the SNUG World international user conference, Synopsys unveiled the PrimeSim Continuum. This is a unified workflow for circuit simulation technologies to accelerate the creation and signoff of hyper-convergent designs. PrimeSim Continuum is built on next-generation Spice and FastSpice architectures and is the industry’s only proven GPU acceleration technology, claims Synopsys. It provides design teams 10X runtime improvements with golden signoff accuracy, says the company. PrimeSim Continuum combines PrimeSim Spice, PrimeSim Pro, PrimeSim HSpice and PrimeSim XA. PrimeWave delivers a seamless simulation experience around all PrimeSim engines with comprehensive analysis, improved productivity and ease of use.

“PrimeSim Continuum represents a revolutionary breakthrough in circuit simulation innovation with heterogeneous compute acceleration on GPU/CPU, setting a new bar for EDA solutions,” said Sassine Ghazi, chief operating officer (COO) at Synopsys. The PrimeSim Continuum technologies complement the company’s Custom Design Platform and Verification Continuum, continued Ghazi.

Today’s hyper-convergent SoCs consist of larger and faster-embedded memories, analogue front-end devices and complex I/O circuits that communicate at 100Gb+ data rates with the DRAM stack connected on the same piece of silicon in a system-in-package (SiP) design. Verifying complex designs at advanced technology process nodes present increased parasitics, process variability and reduced margins, reports Synopsys. This results in more simulations with longer runtimes at higher accuracy impacting the overall time-to-results, quality-of-results and cost-of-results. PrimeSim Continuum addresses the systemic complexity of such hyper-convergent designs with a unified workflow of sign-off quality simulation engines tuned for analogue, mixed-signal, RF, custom digital memory designs, says Synopsys. PrimeSim Continuum uses next-generation Spice and FastSpice architectures and heterogeneous computing to optimise the use of CPU and GPU resources and improve time-to-results and cost of results.

The PrimeSim Pro simulator represents a next-generation FastSpice architecture for fast and high-capacity analysis of modern DRAM and Flash memory designs.

The PrimeSim Spice simulator’s next-generation architecture with GPU technology delivers significant performance improvements needed to perform comprehensive analysis for analogue and RF design while meeting signoff accuracy requirements.

The PrimeSim Continuum integrates PrimeSim Spice and PrimeSim Pro with the PrimeSim HSpice simulator for foundation IP and signal integrity and the PrimeSim XA simulator, for SRAM and mixed-signal verification. PrimeWave delivers a seamless experience by providing a consistent and flexible environment across all PrimeSim Continuum engines optimising design set-up, analysis and post-processing, says Synopsys.

PrimeSim Continuum is available now.

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