Synopsys introduces HDL-aware IDE to accelerate design and verification

Euclide is Synopsys’ next-generation hardware description language (HDL)-aware integrated development environment (IDE). It enables engineers to find bugs earlier and optimise code for design and verification flows by identifying complex design and testbench compliance checks during SystemVerilog and Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) development.

The IDE accelerates correct-by-construction code development through context specific auto-completion and content assistance that is tuned for Synopsys VCS simulation, Verdi debug, ZeBu emulation, and compatible with Design Compiler NXT synthesis solutions. It can, says Synopsys, help engineers to improve code quality during the entire project development cycle.

“The on-the-fly design and testbench checks in Synopsys Euclide have helped us in unmasking critical bugs otherwise identified at late design stages,” said Assaf Shacham, senior hardware engineering manager at Microsoft. He added that the efficiency of experienced design and verification engineers and the learning curve of new engineers “significantly improved” by using the various IDE coding acceleration and code exploration features.

Increasing SoC complexity requires robust and error-free design and testbench code. The algorithms in Synopsys Euclide enable running high performance compilation, elaboration and pseudo-synthesis that provide real-time feedback to improve design and testbench quality at the time of code development. The engine architecture allows incremental analysis, error recoverability and produces advanced feedback on incomplete code. By identifying bugs early, unnecessary simulation cycles, lengthy debug sessions and chip re-spins can be avoided, said Synopsys.

The Synopsys Euclide on-the-fly code checking solution is available now. VCS and Verdi users can adopt the solution using existing project files and scripts.

Synopsys is the Silicon to Software partner for companies developing electronic products and software applications. It is an S&P 500 company, with a long history in the electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor IP markets and offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of application security testing tools and services. Its portfolio is used by SoC designers, creating advanced semiconductors and software developers writing more secure, high-quality code.

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