Systems based on EyeVision software plot hot glue application

The exact position and speed with which a hot glue point should be applied and the temperature at which it should be met can be determined with the ThermoCare system, based on EyeVision software.

According to Eye Vision Technology (EVT), just a few click can precisely determine on any number of positions, which temperature and if the temperature is within the given threshold. Or if a temperature point (hot glue or heat source) exists at a determined region.

The ThermoCare is equipped with eight in- and eight outputs, which can be used to issue an IO/NIO signal for each position or group of positions, to report an error.

A Profinet interface enables the ThermoCare system to report any number of measurement points and also if there is an error value.

Via the OPC UA interface, the ThermoCare systems can be integrated into the SCADA environment to communicate directly with the PLC with Profinet and SCADA to collect the measurement values for the latest process at the earliest possible stage.

The EyeVision software not only hot glue points but also determines and monitors regions as well as monitors and tracks temperature patterns.

ThermoCare can be adapted to all applications, where a temperature or the presence or absence of a heat source has to be monitored.

ThermoCare systems are pre-configured and equipped with a camera. Depending on the application, the ThermoCare system is available either with a 320x 240 pixel or high-resolution (1024 x 768 pixel resolution) camera.

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