T-modules combine mechanical and MOSFET relay technologies

Expanding Omron Electronic Components Europe’s T-modules, high voltage and high current versions of the low leakage MOSFET relay module range combine the advantages of mechanical and MOSFET relay technology, says the company.

Omron T-modules combine the reliability and durability of solid state relays with a low leakage current of just 1pA or less. This equips them to be used in measurement and other applications where mechanical relays have previously been chosen.

The Omron G3VM-61MT features a load current of 800mA, and the G3VM-101MT offers a load voltage of 100V. The low leakage current is achieved with a T- circuit structure which sends most leakage current to ground, to deliver the advantages of the mechanical and MOSFET relays for compact and long-lasting switching with no mechanical contacts.

The modules support measurements in all types of test equipment where mechanical relays have previously been preferred, due to their low leakage current. However, they have a much lower lifespan due to abrasion of contacts which reduces measurement accuracy over time. If used intensively, they may need to be replaced frequently, which increases maintenance costs.

The modules are compact, measuring 5.0 x 3.75 x 2.7mm. The devices are surface mounted and offered in single pole, single throw (SPST) with no configuration required. The electrical load characteristics are 800mA, 60V for the G3VM-61MT and 550mA and 100V for the G3VM-101MT. The previously released T-module, the G3VM-21MT, has isolation performance of less than -30dB at 1GHz and is rated at 200mA, 20V.

Omron Electronic Components Europe manufactures electromechanical PCB relays, and supplies components such as micro switches, MOSFET relays, DIP switches, photo micro sensors and connectors. It has a portfolio of technologies including MEMS based pressure, flow and thermal measurement sensors, human face and gesture recognition modules, vibration and tilt sensors.

Omron Electronic Components Europe has eight regional offices, a network of local offices and partnerships with specialist, local, regional and global distributors. It is a subsidiary of Omron, which operates in industrial automation and electronic components to social infrastructure systems, healthcare, and environmental markets.


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