Three additional ReDrivers raise signal integrity

Three 20Gbits per second programmable devices have been added to Diodes’ range of multi-channel linear ReDrivers. The latest programmable multi-channel linear ReDrivers have 1.8V voltage ratings suitable for USB4 Gen3, Thunderbolt 4.0 and DisplayPort 2.0 standards. The PI2DPX2020, PI2DPX2023 and PI2DPX2063 are targeted for use in laptops, desktop PCs, workstations, active cables, monitors and docking applications. According to Diodes, the low power consumption, compact, low profile packaging also makes them suitable for tablets and notebook computers.

Each linear ReDriver allows flexible adjustment of signal integrity parameters, such as equaliser and flat gain, through various settings, said Diodes, to mitigate channel loss and extend reach. These devices are transparent to channel link training and exhibit low latency figures of less than 300picoseconds.

The PI2DPX2020 supports different operational modes for maximum design-in flexibility. The 20/40Gbits per second USB4 Gen3 (x1/x2), 20.625Gbits per second/41.25Gbits per second Thunderbolt 4.0 (x1/x2), 10Gbits per second/20Gbits per second USB4 Gen 2 (x1/x2), 20Gbits per second USB4 Gen2 / two lanes of DisplayPort 2.0 and four lanes of DisplayPort 2.0. 

The four-lane PI2DPX2023 20Gbits per second DisplayPort 2.0 (UHBR20) ReDriver supports pin strap equaliser and gain parameter control. The PI2DPX2063 20Gbits per second DisplayPort 2.0 (UHBR20), via the I2C interface pin.

These new ReDrivers have integral auto power-saving modes. They are supplied in 32-pin W-LGA4528 packages (2.85 x 4.5 x 0.7mm) and support an industrial temperature range.

Diodes delivers semiconductor products to consumer electronics, computing, communications, industrial, and automotive markets. The company’s expanded product portfolio consists of discrete, analogue and mixed signal products and packaging technology. The company has worldwide operations of 32 sites, including engineering, testing, manufacturing, and customer service.

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