Three-axis accelerometer senses health of structures

A three-axis accelerometer, the M-A352, has been developed by Epson to monitor the health of structures. It was developed in response to the need to monitor ageing infrastructure in towns and cities, and reduce the cost of infrastructure maintenance, monitoring, and renewal.

The M-A352 provides the necessary noise performance of one microG/√Hz or better. Epson also says that its durability and manufacturability ensure stable supply and cost competitiveness. The accelerometer can be used for applications where high-accuracy measurements were formerly difficult to take, notes Epson.

Features include high shock resistance of 1,200G which is four times that of Epson’s existing product, the M-A351. The M-A352 also has a dynamic range of 27 bits and uses noise-resistance direct digital conversion technology.

A low-jitter external trigger function enables high-accuracy time synchronisation in multi-node measurement.

The accelerometer can be used in structure health monitoring (e.g. buildings, roadway structures, bridges, tunnels, and steel towers), earthquake detection, environmental vibration measurement, industrial equipment monitoring, unmanned vehicles (e.g. terrestrial vehicles, undersea probes), and the measurement of the vibration and path of industrial equipment and vehicles.

Epson is scheduled to give a technical presentation and demonstration of the M-352 at 2018 DGON Inertial Sensors and Systems (ISS), in Braunschweig, Germany ( 11 to 12 September).

The M-A352 will be in volume production for spring 2019, says Epson. Samples will begin shipping at the end of 2018.

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