Time of flight image sensor provides higher resolutions with small lenses

The fourth generation of Real3 image sensors is being presented by Infineon Technologies. The IRS2771C 3D time of flight (ToF) single chip is especially designed to meet the requirements of the mobile consumer device market and, in particular, demand for higher resolutions with small lenses. Target applications are secure user authentication, for example, face or hand recognition to unlock the device and confirm payments. In addition, the 3D ToF chip enhances augmented reality, morphing and photo (e.g. bokeh) effects and can be used to scan a room.

Measuring only 4.6 x 5mm, the image sensor features a 150k (448 x 336) pixel output that comes close to the HVGA standard resolution, claims Infineon, which is four times higher than that of most ToF solutions on the market today, continues the company. The pixel array is highly sensitive to 940nm infra red light and operates in outdoor conditions. This performance is enabled by the patented Suppression of Background Illumination (SBI) circuitry in every pixel. The high level of integration means that each IRS2771C image sensor is essentially a miniature, single chip ToF camera. This dramatically reduces the overall bill of materials and the size of the camera module without compromising on performance and keeping power consumption to a minimum.

According to Philipp von Schierstaedt, vice president Infineon’s RF and Sensors business: “Every device manufacturer can increase the value of their devices with the Real3 chip, while customising the design and speeding up time to market”.

Infineon’s new 3D image sensor chip will sample in March and volume production is scheduled to start in Q4 2019.

Infineon has had a long partnership with pmdtechnologies, which has yielded expertise in algorithms for processed 3D point clouds (a set of data points in space produced by 3D scanning).

Reaching beyond Infineon’s hardware expertise, customers can thus expect a comprehensive offering including tooling and software. pmdtechnologies is a fabless IC company headquartered in Siegen/Germany with subsidiaries in USA, China and Korea, supplying 3D ToF CMOS-based digital imaging technology.

Visit Infineon Technologies at MWC19, Hall 6 (6C41).


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