Touch-free user interface simplifies gesture control design

Two touch-free user interfaces from Renesas Electronics simplify the design of 2D and 3D control-based applications. They are based on Renesas’ capacitive sensor microcontrollers and support the development of touch-free interfaces for home appliances, as well as industrial equipment.

The reference designs are available for downloaded effective immediately.

The new gesture solutions detect motion in a 2D co-ordinate system and in 3D space, respectively. Renesas provides design materials (circuit diagrams, board design data files, and parts lists) that form the reference hardware for the capacitive touch-key microcontroller, as well as co-ordinate calculation middleware, sample programs, application notes, and an evaluation tool for monitoring the detected co-ordinates.

The touch-free user interfaces have passed class B testing for the IEC 61000 4-3 level 3 and 4-6 level 3 noise immunity standards and can achieve stable operation, says Renesas.

The 3D gesture solution is available in three different sizes and can be selected based on the application. The standard version (160 x 160 x 100mm) is based on the RX231 microcontroller. The miniature version (80 x 80 x 80mm) uses the RX130 and the slim version (100 x 100 x 20mm) uses the RX130 microcontroller.

Renesas also offers touch-key interfaces for devices designed to operate with challenging or non-traditional touch materials such as woods, or required to operate in wet or dirty environments such as a kitchen or a factory floor. Renesas provides a development environment with QE for Capacitive Touch, Workbench6, solution kits and evaluation systems dedicate to capacitive touch key development. It also provides capacitive touch key microcontrollers, the RX130 group, for use in human machine interfaces (HMIs) for industrial equipment and home appliances.

Renesas Electronics supplies embedded design and semiconductors to enable billions of connected, intelligent devices to enhance the way people work and live. Its portfolio includes microcontrollers, analogue, power, and SoC products for a range of automotive, industrial, home electronics, office automation, and information communication technology applications.

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