Transformer module reduces powertrain size in EVs and HEVs

Engineers can meet the need for smaller, lighter systems with the UCC14240-Q1 1.5W isolated DC/DC bias supply module says Texas Instruments. It uses a proprietary integrated transformer technology to reduce the form factor in high voltage environments such as electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid EVs (HEVs), motor drive systems and grid tied inverters.

Engineers are moving to a distributed power architecture as part of the move to supply smaller, more reliable systems which extend the driving range in EVs. This scheme means every isolated gate driver has a dedicated bias supply. The result is that the architecture improves how the system reacts to single-point failures, reports TI. For example, if one bias supply fails, the other bias supplies remain operational, as do their paired gate drivers, which helps to keep a vehicle safely on the road.

The UCC14240-Q1 offers size and efficiency advantages that enable greater power density and system efficiency, and which can allow vehicles to drive farther between charges, explains TI. The 3.55mm height and small footprint allows designers to reduce the power solution volume by as much as 50 per cent to provide more power in half the form factor. The height reduction also gives engineers the flexibility to place the module on either side of the PCB.

The dual-output power module offers 60 per cent efficiency, which is twice that of traditional bias supplies, comments TI. This results in double the power density and helps increase vehicle driving range.

By delivering more than 1.5W at ambient temperatures of 105 degrees C, the UCC14240-Q1 enables engineers to drive isolated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) switches at high frequencies.

The integrated transformer technology is combined with a 3.5pF primary-to-secondary capacitance, enabling the module to mitigate EMI caused by high speed switching. In addition, it achieves common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) performance of more than 150V per nanosecond.

Other features are soft switching, spread-spectrum modulation, shielding and low parasitics, to meet the EMC standards of Comité International Spécial des Perturbations Radioélectriques (CISPR) 25 and CISPR 32, which accelerates time to market.

Integrated closed-loop control enables ±1.0 per cent accuracy from -40 to +150 degrees C. Tight tolerance enables the use of smaller power switches while also improving over-current protection. Other protection features, fault monitoring, over-current protection, over-power protection and over-temperature protection are all integrated.

The UCC14240-Q1 offers third-party-certified 3kVrms isolation and is claimed to deliver the industry’s best vibration immunity.

The UCC14240-Q1 is available in pre-production quantities in a 36-pin, 12.8 x 10.3 x 3.55mm shrink small-outline package (SSOP).

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