TTPi packages GaN-based converters in UltraMod4000

The spinout from the Power Electronics, Machines and Control Group at the University of Nottingham, TPPi, will launch the UltraMod4000 converter in a package at LCV-Cenex (UTAC Millbrook, UK on 7 and 8 September).

Available from distributor PPM Power, the UltraMod range is a family of GaN-based, multi-purpose, bi-directional, isolated, DC/DC converters. They are designed to work as standalone devices or grouped together in a multi-modular system.

The compact converter measures 100 x 80 x 26mm and weigh around 200g. The UltraMod4000 has a 4kW power throughput, making it suitable for automotive applications.

The UltraMod features GaN-based, fast switching with 96 per cent efficiency or above. The regulated wide I/O voltage ranges from 500 to 900V to 48V (42 to 56V). The high port current is up to 12A on the HV port, 85A on the LV port.

The converter features integrated EMI filters and there is a choice of ISO SPI, CAN, LIN or FlexRay communications ports.

According to Phil Surman, sales director at PPM Power: “The UltraMod series of power converters shows what wide bandgap semiconductor technology is capable of delivering”.

The UltraMod series is designed for applications where weight, size and efficiency are critical, as well as power density. Typical examples are electric vehicles (EVs), aerospace (such as aircraft cabins), rail, industrial drives and renewable applications, said PPM Power. 

Additionally, the modular nature of these products can drastically reduce design time and design related overheads, said the company.

PPM Power specialises in electronics for automotive, aerospace and will host the launch at its stand at LCV (C3-419).

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