Twisted and shielded cabling to accompany Gecko products

To address safety and mission-critical applications, where continued data integrity is of paramount importance, Harwin offers additional cable assembly services for its Gecko series. The assemblies are produced on-demand and provide resilience against ambient EMI and crosstalk from neighbouring wiring.

Engineers can now specify double-ended cables with either twisted pair wiring (different colours ease identification) or shielded mesh braidings (with metal backshells on the connectors). The cabling has a combination of twisted pair and shielded mesh braiding to maximise protection, says Harwin and enhance mechanical robustness via sturdy housings.

The cable assemblies are for Gecko-SL connectors, which rely on jackscrew locking, and cover female-to-female, male-to-female (standard or reverse-fix orientations on the male connector) and male-to-male (also with  standard and reverse-fix orientation options). The assemblies can be offered with the female-to-female, male-to-female and male-to-male variants based on the latched-type Gecko.

There are also single-ended options in both male and female versions. These cables will not unravel, says Harwin as they are twisted at the point of manufacture. This means that no additional clamp or tape needs to be attached on the free end. Lengths can be specified up to 10m.

The compact, lightweight Gecko connectors are optimised for use in high-density electronics where space is limited. They are designed as an alternative to bulkier and heavier Micro-D units for use in a range of aerospace and defence systems, as well as robotics, satellites and medical equipment. The Harwin cable assemblies are subject to rigorous testing and inspection procedures prior to shipment.

Harwin produces high reliability interconnect products that can deal with the most exacting of application demands – including the defence, aerospace, space, industrial, oil/gas and motorsport sectors. Over the course of the last 65 years, the company has continued to set new benchmarks in terms of innovation, automation and service, through ongoing investment in advanced equipment and the training of its staff.

Harwin’s team of highly skilled engineers have been responsible for developing an impressive array of ‘must not fail’ connector products, including the Gecko (1.25mm pitch), Datamate (2mm pitch), Mix-Tek (combined signal, power and coax) and high temperature M300 (3mm pitch) product lines.

The company offers easy-to-implement EMI/RFI shielding, a portfolio of PCB hardware (spacers, links, bridges, terminals, test points) and a range of industry standard connectors. All products are available with short lead times via Harwin’s sales and distribution network.

Harwin has sales offices and manufacturing facilities in the UK, the USA, Germany, France and Singapore.

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