Two CompactPCI 2.0 blades upgrade technology for mil-aero and transport

Powered by the latest Intel Xeon, Core and Atom processors, the 3U cPCI-3630 and 6U cPCI-6636 CompactPCI processor blades provide technology upgrade solutions for railway transportation, military, aviation and industrial automation, says Adlink Technology.

Adlink’s cPCI-3630 is a 3U CompactPCI processor blade featuring the 64-bit Intel Atom Processor X Series SoC (formerly Apollo Lake-I) and up to 8Gbyte soldered DDR3L-1600 MHz ECC memory. The Intel Atom Processor X Series integrates the low-power 9th generation graphics engine and provides graphics, media and display support. The CompactPCI blade is available in single-slot (4HP) or dual-slot (8HP) width form factors, and uses various daughter boards to provide a broad range of I/O functionality. One of the dual-slot variants supports an XMC site on layer 2, points out the company. Storage options include an on-board 32Gbyte SSD, CFast or mSATA socket and 2.5-inch SATA drive space on the layer 2 riser card.

Adlink’s cPCI-6636 is a 6U CompactPCI processor blade powered by the 6th/7th generation Intel Xeon E3 and Intel Core i3/i5/i7 Processors with Intel HM170 or CM236 chipsets. The cPCI-6636 supports up to 32Gbyte DDR4-2133 memory with 16Gbyte soldered on-board and up to 16Gbyte via the SODIMM socket. The cPCI-6636 also supports a variety of faceplate I/O interfaces in both single-slot (4HP) and dual-slot (8HP) width form factors. The dual-slot version cPCI-6636DZ supports six RS-232 serial ports and eight USB 3.0 for high speed transmission. Storage options include one 2.5-inch SATA drive space, one seven-pin SATA connector and one CFast slot by adapter board. An XMC connector is supported in place of the CFast on another dual-slot variant, the cPCI-6636D.

The cPCI-3630 and cPCI-6636 support independent operation in both host and peripheral slots without CompactPCI bus communication (satellite mode). The EN 50155-compliant cPCI-3630 is suitable for use in railway transportation, medical and industrial automation applications where optimal computing performance is required for data transfer with lower power consumption. The cPCI-6636 offers a high-density solution for military, aviation and other mission-critical applications that require robust computing in a rugged and reliable CompactPCI system, advises Adlink.