Two inertial measurement units are sampling now

Seiko Epson (Epson) is shipping two six-axis inertial measurement units (IMU), the M-G370 and the M-G365. The M-G370 offers fibre optic gyro (FOG) class performance, while the M-G365 will be the standard for the Epson’s next-generation IMU.

Both models are scheduled for volume production at the end of 2018.

Epson’s new IMUs were developed to offer productivity with the FOG2-class performance needed to realize practicable autonomous driving and navigation. In addition, the new IMUs maintain backward compatibility with the earlier M-G364 and M-G354, making it easy to upgrade performance.

The M-G370 and M-G365 are backwards compatible with Epson’s earlier M-G364 and M-G354. This reduces customer development costs and evaluation time, says the company.

Both exhibit a low current consumption of 16mA, compared to 18mA for the M-G364 and M-G354.

The M-G370 provides FOG-class performance in a one-inch package. It can be used for inertial navigation and other applications that require position measurement accuracy, such as autonomous and unmanned applications.

The gyroscopic sensor provides sharply improved in-run bias instability (0.8 degree per hour), angular random walk, and noise performance, reports Epson.

A newly-developed accelerometer provides dramatically improved in-run bias instability performance of six micro G (compared to 50 microG for the M-G364) and initial bias error of 2 mg (one sigma).

The M-G365 has a new attitude angle output function and supports a wide variety of applications. An original high-speed DSP with an extended Kalman filter provides highly accurate real-time attitude angle output (roll/pitch/yaw) at low power consumption.

The IMU eliminates the need for high-speed calculation of dynamic attitude angle on the system end, thus reducing system load and power consumption, says Epson.

Applications include autonomous driving and unmanned control of precision agriculture and construction machinery, unmanned equipment such as industrial drones, ground and sub-sea vehicles, navigation systems, gimbaled camera and antenna stabilisation, vibration, angle and path measurement of industrial equipment and vehicles.

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