Two optimised devices target static switching applications   

Infineon Technologies is enhancing the 600V CoolMOS S7 family with two optimised devices for static switching applications, the industrial-grade CoolMOS S7 10 m-Ohm and the automotive-grade CoolMOS S7A.

The CoolMOS S7 10 m-Ohm has a low on-resistance (RDS(on)) for 600V superjunction Mosfets, suiting it to applications where minimal conduction losses are critical, such as off-the-shelf solid-state relays. In contrast, the automotive-grade CoolMOS S7A addresses system performance requirements set by solid-state circuit breakers and diode paralleling/replacement for high power/performance designs in automotive applications, such as the high voltage (HV) eFuse, HV eDisconnect battery disconnect switch, as well as on-board chargers.

In applications where Mosfets are switched at low frequency, high-power product designs must meet several key characteristics. They have to minimise conduction losses, provide optimal thermal behaviour, and enable more compact and lighter systems.

The product family has been developed by optimising the CoolMOS 7 technology platform. To achieve this, the device has been enhanced for static switching and high current applications. Infineon states that as a result, the new devices can offer “the best price-performance ratio at the highest quality standards”, placing greater emphasis on conduction performance, energy efficiency, power density and improved thermal resistance.

The CoolMOS S7 10 m-Ohm and CoolMOS S7A chips come with a low RDS(on) and best-in-class RDS(on) x A x cost. Additionally, they have been integrated into an innovative top-side cooled QDPak SMD package which, says the company, offers excellent thermal behaviour, making it a smaller alternative to THD devices such as TO-247.

Moving from THD to a surface-mounted device with QDPak, can also lead to a 94 per cent reduction in height, says Infineon, enabling higher power density solutions. With CoolMO S7 10 m-Ohm and the CoolMOS S7A low conduction losses, designers can limit the size of heat sinks up to 80 per cent and extend the current and voltage ratings without altering the form factor.

The CoolMOS S7 10 m-Ohm and CoolMOS S7A devices can be ordered now in a TSC QDPAK package (HDSOP-22-1).

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