u-blox adds Script option to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity software

For easy and interactive development of embedded applications, u-blox has developed u-connectScript and added it to the u-connectXpress software series.

The extended software series is claimed to further simplify wireless Bluetooth and Wi‑Fi device development, enabling embedded script applications in the module, and reducing complexity and time to market.

The software series manages the wireless connectivity ‘behind the scenes’ and scripting support increases development efficiency and brings the wireless technology to companies that are new to the IoT, says u-blox.

u-connectXpress was introduced more than 15 years ago and lets developers configure device connectivity without having to write and test complex code. u-blox has added to the software series so that it now comprises over 130 standard and u-blox-specific AT commands

u‑connectScript has been added to further speed up embedded device development, says u-blox. It is based on the JavaScript programming language, which has been widely adopted, and which has a short learning curve. u‑connectScript uses simple syntax to allow device developers to quickly embed Bluetooth applications right onto the module without requiring extensive experience in embedded systems programming. Developers write their applications using u-blox’s integrated development environment (IDE) or a text editor of their choice.

u-connectScript efficiently manages data flows between wireless and physical interfaces. This ensures power consumption and performance of the resulting application remains on a par with traditionally developed embedded applications; u-blox argues that this is contrary to other script solutions available in the market.

Security is fundamental and is handled behind the scenes when using any member of the u‑connect software series. Secure Boot ensures that devices only boot up in the presence of original certified software. u‑connect additionally ensures a high level of link and data security with support for Wi‑Fi enterprise security (e.g. EAP-TLS), IP end-to-end security (e.g. TLS) and LE secure connections for Bluetooth.

Applications developed for u-connectXpress or u-connectScript can be re-used across the entire product line and are forward compatible with new product generations.

u-connectXpress is available across the u-blox Short Range product portfolio. u-connectScript will be available on selected product variants, starting with the NINA-B3 module.


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