Unidirectional TVS diode arrays boast smallest footprint

Believed to be the industry’s first 01005-format TVS diode arrays in hermetically sealed DFN plastic packages, the SP1053and SP1054 TVS diode arrays (SPA Diodes) have been announced by Littelfuse.

The two series of AEC-Q101-qualified, unidirectional TVS diode arrays are optimised to protect I/O and power ports against electrostatic discharges (ESDs).

The SP1053 and SP1054 series SPA Diodes integrate avalanche breakdown diodes fabricated using proprietary silicon avalanche technology to protect each pin. They offer the advantage of being unidirectional and hermetically sealed in compact, 01005-format plastic packages – both of which are firsts in the TVS diode array market, says Littelfuse.

The robust diodes can safely absorb repetitive ESD strikes at ±8kV (for SP1053) or ±30kV (for SP1054) without performance degradation, claims Littelfuse. Additionally, each diode can safely withstand 1.0A (for SP1053) and 2.5A (for SP1054) surges at a very low clamping voltage.

Typical applications for the SP1053 and SP1054 series TVS diode arrays include mobile phones, smartphones, camcorders, portable medical devices, digital cameras, wearable technology, portable navigation components, tablets, point-of-sale terminals and identification modules.

Tim Micun, business development manager, TVS Diode Arrays at Littelfus, says: “Unlike other devices with this footprint, which are either bare silicon or bare silicon covered by an oxide, the SP1053 and SP1054 series’ hermetically sealed plastic packages protect them against abrasion, temperature cycling and moisture.”

SP1053 and SP1054 Series TVS diode arrays are available in DFN, 01005-format plastic packaging in tape and reel format in quantities of 20,000. Sample requests may be placed through authorised Littelfuse distributors worldwide.

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