USB A connector duo are designed for fast charging

GCT has added two USB A connectors with extended mating cycles and enhanced current rating over standard products. The USB1130 and USB1135 have been added to the USB range and are suitable for fast charging and high traffic applications, says GCT.

The USB1130 is a USB-A 2.0 connector tested to 10,000 mating cycles, and the USB1135 is a 3.0 variant with 20,000 cycles tested. This performance is achieved due to improved retention forces, says GCT, due to a stainless steel shell construction. This shell makes the USB1130 over six times more durable than standard USB A 2.0, and the USB1135 twice as durable as the standard USB A 3.0, says GCT.

In addition to the increased mating cycle specification, both connectors are 3A rated, double that of comparable products, says the company, giving designs the option for quick charge functionality. The connectors are available in a top mount, through-hole configuration, with two kinked shell stakes for PCB retention while processing.

Andrew Stewart, GCT’s sales director, said: “USB A connectors are synonymous with charging, and many devices that have constant mating requirements will be able to benefit from higher mating cycles these connectors offer.”

The USB1130 and USB1135 USB A connectors are now available from distributor, Digi-Key.

GCT (Global Connector Technology) was established in 1988. The company manufactures standard and custom interconnect and cable assembly products. GCT serves customers in diverse industrial, consumer and medical markets.

It is part of a privately held group of companies, and has facilities in Europe, USA and Asia.  Production facilities are located in China, supported by a dedicated engineering team in Hong Kong.

GCT can help customers with design challenges wherever they design and manufacture.  GCT’s sales force is supported by a global catalogue and broadline distribution network.

GCT is an ISO9001 approved organization and its products are fully RoHS and Reach-compliant.

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