USB C male to female extension cable gets the white treatment from Cliff Electronics

Used for data transfer and power delivery, the USB C male to USB C female extension cables are now available from Cliff Electronics in a white version. It has  been developed for applications such as medical equipment used in clinics and for home use, office and general IT connectivity. It is for use with Cliff’s range of USB FeedThrough connectors. The white cables join the existing black version which is widely used as a general purpose data cable.

The cable offers data transfer speeds of approximately 5Gbits per second, dependent on other cables and devices connected in the system.

The cable can be used for video throughput (Thunderbolt 3) with 5k throughput at 60Hz and audio transmission.

For Power Delivery (PD), charging is 60W ((20V at  3.0A), USB 3.1 (Gen 1).

Operating temperature range is – 55 to +85 degrees C.

The cable has an outside diameter of 4.5mm and is available from Cliff Electronics in six lengths, ranging from 0.3 to 2.0m.

Nick Leppard, technical sales at Cliff Electronics, said that the USB extension cables are very popular for general IT connectivity requirements and “our new white version offers a more alethically pleasing version to match specific environments where equipment is used”. The cables are also suitable the company’s FeedThrough connectors which use standard connectors on both sides.

Cliff Electronics can supply jack sockets, DC power connectors, terminal binding posts, test connectors and leads, optical jacks and leads and waterproof connectors. 

The company also designs and manufactures standard and FeedThrough connectors for audio, broadcast and industrial systems including fibre optic. 

Cliff Electronic Components Limited was founded in 1977 to supply the music industry with connectors. Cliff has expanded its products and services to supply most professional and industrial markets. 

As both manufacturer and a distributor, Cliff is a prime source for components, from audio into test leads and accessories, general industrial connectors, foot pedals, hand tools, production aids, lighting connectors, motors and fans. 

The company also manufactures and sources various types of leads including audio, instrument and power leads. Cliff also has extensive expertise in moulding and metalwork and can provide a design, engineering and manufacturing service for the production of customised components and assemblies. Plastics expertise includes injection-moulding, blow-moulding, extrusion, sonic-welding and printing. Metalwork includes stamping, machining, aluminium extrusion, finishing and printing. We also have the facility to enable assembly, inspection and testing. 

UK and Far Eastern production plants are certified to ISO 9001 2000 and employ design, engineering, technical, marketing and sales personnel. The majority of CLIFF products are covered by approvals from organisations including UL and VDE.

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