USB multi-function environmental sensor for the IoT

Omron Electronic Components Europe has launched a USB version of its multi-function environmental sensor that quickly allows designers to monitor seven parameters.

Like the previously available Omron 2JCIE-BL01 sensor, the new 2JCIE-BU01 offers multiple sensors in one unit that has built-in memory and connectivity through beacon communication.

Omron’s environmental sensor is available for the first time as a USB unit measuring just 14.9 x 29.1 x 7.0mm and can monitor temperature, humidity, light, UV, barometric pressure, noise, seismic and air quality (VOC gas).

The sensor can accumulate data for approxmately three months (based on a communication frequency of once every five minutes) and connect to multiple devices, such as smartphones, via Bluetooth 5.0.

Despite their compact size, the 2JCIE sensors feature their own embedded memory for data logging to keep track of the surroundings.  Potential applications include monitoring and controlling industrial and office environments to improve work space. It is also suitable for home and outdoor applications.

Data from the modules can be downloaded over Bluetooth (BTLE) allowing designers to easily access recorded data.  The 2JCIE environmental sensors are cloud compatible with no need for additional hardware.  Bespoke threshold values can be set to provide alerts that notify the user of any abnormal sensor readings.

“Our multi-purpose environmental sensors make it easy for the designer to deliver a range of measurement functions from just one small sensor,” said Gabriele Fulco, European product marketing manager, Omron Electronic Components Europe. “This will save development time by providing numerous options that can be tailored to the user’s needs.  he USB version offers even more convenience to suit every application.  Whether it’s a question of simply making sure the office environment is kept at the optimum working temperature or ensuring that say a museum has the correct humidity and lighting to protect the exhibits, these sensors offer easy to interpret data that can then be analysed, stored on the cloud and used to set parameters and make real-time adjustments.”

Certified for all required regulations/directives in the EU, US and Japan, the 2JCIE range is FCC approved and CE marked.

The BTLE link has a range of approximately 10m and the sensor has an operating temperature between -10 and 60 degrees Celsius.

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