VadaTech introduces keyboard, video and mouse transmitter combo

Embedded board specialist, VadaTech, has introduced the VT085 and VT086, which can be used together to form a complete keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) extension over a secure LC (Lucent Connector) fibre link. Data is encoded using a proprietary algorithm which, together with the use of fibre, combats interception of sensitive data, says VadaTech.

The VT085 encodes the USB2.0 as well as dual DP++, Display Port (DP) or HDMI and transmits the data over LC fibre. The video can be up to 4K resolution on each of the two video inputs. The output (VT086 side) has video overlay capability. The overlay images are programmable and controlled over Ethernet by the user. Video encode/decode is lossless. The VT085 configuration and management are available via serial port.

The VT085/VT086 encoding/decoding and data processing is performed in hardware for a very low latency protocol. The glass to glass latency is less than 20ms.

The module supports white listing of attached USB devices. The host USB can only numerate approved devices, preventing unauthorised access, VadaTech adds. It can also store a secure key to ensure the unit cannot be compromised. In addition, it utilises ruggedised I/O connectors for harsh environments.

The VT085/VT086 can be ordered with a fanless enclosure or it can be optionally ordered as a board-level product without an enclosure. This option allows customers to fully integrate the unit into their own user console.

VadaTech provides embedded computing from board level products, chassis level platforms, to configurable application ready systems. The company has a focus on AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, VPX and PCIe and combines electrical, mechanical, software and system-level expertise. VadaTech can provide customised commercial or rugged computing products to meet the most complex customer requirements.

VadaTech also offers specialised products for VME, CompactPCI, and other architectures. A member of PICMG and VITA, VadaTech has headquarters, design and manufacturing facilities in Henderson, Nevada, USA with design, support and sales offices in Europe and Asia Pacific.

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