Validation app accelerates AI, graphics and processor development

Synopsys claims to delivers 100X faster formal verification closure for artificial intelligence (AI), graphics and processor designs with the introduction of the Datapath Validation (DPV) app as part of the VC Formal tool suite.

The DPV app leverages proven Hector technology (Synopsys’ C to RTL formal consistency checking technology) to deliver exhaustive formal verification closure on datapath-intensive designs during the design and verification cycle. The app also delivers over 100X speed-up in formal verification between a reference C/C++ algorithm and register transfer level (RTL) design implementation over conventional techniques of complex SoC designs and enables exhaustive functional verification in situations previously deemed impractical, explains Synopsys.

Samsung reports that using VC Formal’s Hector technology reduced simulation efforts and helped the team catch more than 30 RTL bugs in designs for its datapath-centric designs.

AI, graphics and processor designs involve complex algorithmic functional blocks that are datapath- heavy and have to have behaviour modelled in high-level languages such as C/C++. The implemented RTL for these designs needs to be verified for functional equivalence with the C/C++ model. The native integration of VC Formal with Synopsys’ Verdi automated debug system enables design and verification teams to leverage formal technologies and automate root cause analysis of formal results. The native integration of VCS in VC Formal allows formal analysis to be inserted easily into the existing verification environment.

The VC Formal Datapath Validation application is available now.

Synopsys styles itself as the ‘Silicon to Software’ partner for innovative companies developing electronic products and software applications. It is 15th largest software company in the world and specialises in electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor IP while growing its software security products. Its customer base is made up of SoC designers creating advanced semiconductors and software developers writing applications that require the highest security.

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