Video systems are customisable and scalable for enterprise

Independent video, audio, and USB routing for Enterprise AV over IP is provided by Key Digital with the KD-IP1022 system.

The KD-IP1022ENC encoder and KD-IP1022DEC decoder offer independent switching of video, audio and USB, all of which can be freely routed for multi-layered systems. The KD-IP1022 system requires just one encoder per video source and one decoder per video display, to build customisable and scalable video over IP solutions regardless of distribution, switching, matrixing needs, or video wall building capabilities, says the company.

The KD-IP1022 supports full independent audio, video, and USB routing. For example, the six-pin phoenix connector on the decoder provides pre-amp DSP features like volume control, muting control and delay up to 150 milliseconds. “This really creates a full audio breakaway matrixing system separate from the HDMI video and the USB. It’s perfect for integrating with an amplifier in the zone or in the rack,”

The KD-IP1022 system enables Enterprise AV over IP to be used in place of traditional product categories including digital video matrix, digital video distribution system, digital video switcher, video wall controller, digital video extender, networked audio matrix, master controller, and KVM matrix. Utilising a managed gigabit network switch, Key Digital’s Enterprise AV Over IP enables video distribution, matrix switching and extension. The encoder and decoder systems create video walls with up to 16 vertical and 16 horizontal monitors with video wall processing.

The independent USB routing makes the KD-IP1022 systems particularly suitable for many operations centre and command and control applications with USB KVM type feature-set and requirements. Operators can view and listen to any connected source and route keyboard and mouse plug-ins into PCs, Macs, NUCs (Intel’s Next Units of Computing kits), and network video recorders (NVRs) to manipulate data or control those devices.

Independent audio matrixing allows Key Digital to offer a full networked audio system within its own Enterprise AV over IP ecosystem. Audio sources may plug-in on the KD-IP1022 encoder’s HDMI input or analogue audio input to then be routed to any HDMI and analogue audio output on the decoder. Pre-amp functionality including volume, delay, and bass, mid or treble control make the audio feed suitable for feeding directly into amplifiers or audio DSPs.

The KD-IP1022 is fully licensed with compliancy up to HDCP 2.2 and backwards compliant and features 4K/UHD 4:2:0/8bit at 60 frames per second HDMI technology. Supported lossless compressed digital audio formats include Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos, and DTS-HD Master Audio.

KD-IP1022 encoders and decoders feature analogue audio de-embedding for ease of installation with audio systems. The analogue audio breakout is on a balanced / unbalanced phoenix terminal, and features volume, muting, and three-band EQ DSP features.

The KD-IP1022 features 4K/Ultra HD resolution with support for 4096×2160 or 3840×2160 24/25/30Hz at 4:4:4/8 Bit or 60Hz at 4:2:0/8 Bit (10.2Gbits per second maximum bandwidth). With the 4K down-scale feature, the KD-IP1022 down-converts incoming 4K resolution to 1080p or 720p at each decoder effectively enabling monitors to always display content at optimal resolution.

The KD-IP1022 uses advanced EDID controls and comes with a built-in internal library with 15 extended display identification data (EDID) handshakes including 4K with HDR in addition to native EDID data copied from the output/display devices connected to the decoder. Key Digital’s proprietary Full Buffer System manages TMDS re-clocking and signal re-generation, HDCP authentication to source and display, EDID control handshake, and Hot Plug Detection Voltage. Hot Plug Detection Controls enables the integrater to choose if active signal voltage is forced to connected input devices.

When integrated with a compatible power over Ethernet (PoE) network switch, the KD-IP1022 does not require a power supply. With redundant power connection the system has added reliability for non-PoE integration using the included power supply.

KD-IP1022 contains three multi-function ports that may be used as third-party control interfaces including Compass Control Pro master controller, control extension via IP, or callable via KeyCode open API. The KD-IP1022 is controllable by all IR, RS-232 and TCP/IP supported control systems via open API including Key Digital’s Compass Control Pro or third-party control systems.

(Photo credit: Warchi)

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